At Laird Norton Company, we are committed to enriching the communities where we work and live. We consciously reflect our values through selected community partnerships and advocating for change.

LNC Scholarship Fund

In 2017, LNC partnered with Seattle Education Access and YouthCare to form the LNC Scholarship Fund. This scholarship provides young people struggling to overcome adversity with critical assistance to fill the gaps most academic scholarships do not provide.  

Nurse Log Project

Through the Nurse Log Project, we apply our business and family values to our charitable giving and community outreach programs. Our community committee identifies partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, giving them the financial support to grow to their full potential.

Past partners have included Mary’s Place, YouthCare, Stolen Youth, and Treehouse. 

Proactive Sustainability

As a seventh-generation family company, we understand that the long-term well-being of our families, employees, and investments depends on the environment in which we live.  Therefore, we seek to promote environmental sustainability in our investments and in our operations.  

Fewer than one in ten family businesses last past the third generation. Laird Norton Company is currently in its seventh generation of family ownership, an accomplishment that reflects LNC’s commitment to its core values.