Laird Norton Properties

2006 - Present

Formed by Laird Norton Company in 2006, Laird Norton Properties continues to grow through investments and carefully selected strategic partnerships. After retaining real estate assets following the successful sale of Lanoga, Laird Norton Company created Laird Norton Properties, which has expanded to a national portfolio valued at over $700 million over the past decade.

Laird Norton Wealth Management

1967 - Present

Laird Norton Company founded Laird Norton Wealth Management in 1967 to provide trust and wealth management services to the Laird Norton family.  After expanding its clientele to non-Laird Norton family clients in 1979, it has grown into one of the largest independent wealth managers in Washington state and its trust division is one of the largest Washington State-chartered trust companies.  Laird Norton Wealth Management is a majority-owned subsidiary of Laird Norton Company.

Heartland LLC

2019 - Present
In 2019, LNC merged Heartland LLC with its real estate division, Laird Norton Properties, positioning both firms with a unique, multi-faceted and fully integrated business and real estate enterprise. LNP and Heartland continue with their respective client portfolios and joint venture partnerships, but now have a combined set of expertise to provide a broader reach of real estate and business advisory services and execution capabilities in real estate investment, brokerage, relationship alignment, capital markets, and asset management across all real estate product types.      


2015 - Present

Laird Norton Company made its initial investment in Zevia during 2015 when it led a major equity financing in ZeviaThat investment led to Laird Norton Company becoming an influential minority shareholder with board representation.  Zevia is based in Los Angeles, California, and is a leading producer of zero-calorie, zero sugar, stevia-sweetened beverages including sodas, energy drinks, mixers, and organic sweet teas.


2016 - 2021

Laird Norton Company made its initial investment in WISErg in 2016.  After additional investments through subsequent financing rounds, Laird Norton Company led a major equity financing in 2017, making us one of the largest investors in WISErg.  WISErg Corporation, based in Redmond, Washington, was a sustainable fertilizer products company established in 2010.  The company created premium fertilizer products using food waste captured at grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest and California. WISErg was sold to Plant Respond in 2021, at which point Laird Norton Company became a direct investor in Plant Response.


2007 - 2017

After a decade-long partnership and successful expansion from one school to more than 40 campuses located in seven states, Laird Norton Company sold Fusion Education Group in 2017. Through this investment, Laird Norton Company partnered with an experienced management team identifying and purchasing a revolutionary private school that offered an individualized education which continues to expand across the United States and internationally.

Lanoga Corporation

1966 - 2006

Over the course of more than 40 years of Laird Norton’s stewardship, this lumber and building materials distribution business evolved through a combination of organic growth, partnerships and acquisitions, and eventually became the nation’s third largest professional building materials dealer. Prior to its sale, the company operated lumber and materials centers under the names of United Building Centers, Spenard Builders Supply, Lumbermen’s, Home Lumber Co., Dixieline Lumber Co, Parker Lumber Co. and F.E. Wheaton and Co. When LNC sold the company in 2006 to Fidelity Capital it had revenues in excess of $3 billion from six divisions with 320 locations in 24 states.