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Laird Norton Ty Simsak

Ty Simsak

Ty Simsak


Ty W. Simsak was the first 6th generation Laird Norton family member to serve as a director of LNC (2000-2009) after serving as the Chairman of the company’s Long Range Planning Committee (1996-1998). He has been serving a second term as a director since 2023. Outside of the many committees he has led or served on at LNC, he also has experience as a tax preparer, an investment manager, and a landlord.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Simsak attended Brown University in Rhode Island where he majored in Psychology. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, he opened and operated a retail store on Bainbridge Island. More recently, as an Austin-area resident, he and his wife have enjoyed living on a 10-acre ranch caring for their many horses, dogs, and chickens. As of August 2023, Simsak is the proud grandfather of the Laird Norton family’s first 8th generation member.