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Laird Norton Companies

Investment Approach

Investing for the Future

We are a diversified company that invests for the future. Family-owned for eight generations, we are intentional and patient, deriving returns through long-term investments and collaborations.


We invest in capital-efficient businesses that have $3M to $15M in EBITDA with long-term dividend potential. Our structure allows us to acquire or make minority investments in operating businesses. We also invest in real estate through Laird Norton Properties. As balance sheet investors, we are not constrained by the terms, investment periods, or forced exit requirements of typical private equity funds. We use debt moderately to allow for operating and strategic flexibility within our investments. Although our investment mandate is broad, we are highly selective and work closely with our management teams and co-investors to deeply understand the industries in which we invest.


We prefer to invest for the long term and seek enduring businesses in which we can maintain ownership for a generation or more.

Investment Type

We look for acquisitions, multistep buyouts, multigenerational family businesses seeking partial exit, and entrepreneur- or management-owned businesses seeking growth capital and late-stage growth equity.


We look for opportunities in which key management is already in place or management teams with an identified target are seeking a long-term equity investor.


We primarily focus on investment opportunities in the Western US, with a preference for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

Investment Size

Our investments vary across our portfolio but typically range from $10M to $50M per investment.


Industries in which we have investments, experience, and/or interest include wealth management, business & commercial services, distribution, light manufacturing, and residential, consumer and healthcare services.


Patient Capital

As one of the oldest family enterprises in the United States, we are patient investors in the future. We invest from our balance sheet, which allows us to be selective in our investments and enables us to own great businesses indefinitely.

Moderate Use of Debt

Our moderate use of debt, which distinguishes us from others, provides our companies with operating flexibility and reduces risk.

Real Estate

In addition to operating businesses, we can acquire the associated real estate through our real estate division, Laird Norton Properties.


As a diversified family business, we build our relationships on a foundation of trust, openness, and mutual respect that has driven our success since 1855. We are an ideal option for other family businesses seeking long-term equity investors.

Shared Value

Our approach to business is informed by the values of the company and its family owners. We thus seek to integrate environmental and social considerations into our investment and operational processes in ways that add to our long-term financial performance. Our focus differs from business to business depending on our assessment of the potential to make changes that materially improve financial performance and environmental or social outcomes. We work alongside management teams and investors who embrace this philosophy and strive for continuous improvement. 

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Corporate Investments, Current and Historical

Over Laird Norton Company’s long history, we have successfully invested in many sectors, including business services, distribution, consumer products and services, and financial services. These investments are representative of our current portfolio and preferences for profitable, capital-efficient businesses. 

Investment Portfolio

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